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CAD Buyers Guide
Selecting a 3D Mechanical CAD System for Small & Medium Businesses

It is no easy task to select a comprehensive engineering and product development system, yet it is crucial to the success of ANY manufacturing business, be it small or large.

The goal of this paper is to help you make better decisions when selecting a 3D CAD solution to improve product development and engineering performance. This paper provides you with a logical and orderly approach that will allow you to select the proper 3D CAD system for your company.

The author, Ray Kurland of TechniCom Group, LLC, focuses on the process of justifying a new system, making decisions based on business needs, and developing the technical and functional requirements to support those needs.

Benefit from the experience the author has gained as consultant and advisor in the product development arena over many years, and let him help you with the complexities of such a decision.

Download the free TechniCom Buyer’s Guide here (PDF 361 KB)

Download the free TechniCom Buyer’s Guide here

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